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    Lorraine Charles-Hosten

    Owner - Pharm Pro, LLC

    Prior to working with Steve I had difficulty finding an effective way to convince folks to move forward with projects. Because of my work with him I now a proven 3-pronged method to grow my effectiveness as a patient safety leader. if you are ever wondering if you should sign up for one of his coaching sessions, just do it. It will be one of the most useful hours you've ever spent."​

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    Brian T. Fowler, M.D.

    Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
    Associate Program Director, Ophthalmology

    HEI Director of Personnel

    University of Tennessee Health Science Center
    Hamilton Eye Institute

    I cannot tell you how much I learned from doing the leadership lab conducted by Steve. This will help me for the rest of my career!​

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    Joshua Roberts

    Executive director- CardioVascular Services

    Steve provided some of the best, and most useful, leadership training I've received in my career.

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    Peter Caulk

    Owner, Caulk Consulting, LLC

    Steve is a visionary who is making a difference in Health Care. LifeWings is changing the culture of medicine and as a result is saving lives every day. His inspiration and leadership abilities are truly inspiring.

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    Jim Snyder

    Fenestration Consultant, Writer, Trainer and Speaker. Let's talk windows.

    Steve is a very worthy and generous mentor... and a genuine cheerleader.

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    Charles D Russell

    Aviation CRM Trainer-

    Stephen is a dynamic leader as well as an inspiring mentor.

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    David Marshall

    Chief Nursing & Patient Care Services Officer

    The foundational work that Stephen and the LifeWings team did led to measurable, sustainable culture change.

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    David Dufour

    Vice President Operations at Crew Training International

    Without any reservation, I would recommend Steve as a leader, advisor or team member on any project. Even if you have not worked directly with Steve, the facts speak for themselves that he is a visionary leader (founding two innovative and extremely successful companies), excellent communicator (sought after for speaking engagements around the world and a published author), and that he has the capability to succeed in a broad range of industries (military, civilian aviation, healthcare, publishing, etc.). Lastly and beyond the work environment, I can recommend Steve from a much more personal level as a man of honor, integrity and faith.

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    Barbara Van Bakel

    Country Manager ZOLL Italia at ZOLL Medical Corporation

    Steve is a man of his word, oversees the big picture and is a quick decision maker. He does not waste time, always looks for practical implications and how he can help others. He is one if these rare persons capable of creating change and make people work better together. It is a true privilege to work with him.

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    Kelly Rinehart

    Owner, Medical Risk Consulting

    Steve is an articulate and thoughtful speaker with a great ability to engage audiences. His company, LifeWings Partners, has an outstanding record of success in improving patient safety in our hospitals. I highly recommend Steve and LifeWings.

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    Howard A. Shaw, MD, MBA, FACOG, CPE, FACHE, FACPE

    Chief Medical Officer at Great Plains Health

    Steve is an excellent speaker, coach and trainer. He really has the ability to motivate people to do the right thing especially when it comes to patient safety.

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    Carol White

    Queens Healthcare Center, New York, New York

    "Along with two of my colleagues, I signed up for an hour of coaching on Checklists with Steve. We were so engaged and energized by our time with him. He listened intently to our issues and then covered a comprehensive framework of action steps for our project that were exactly on target. We learned some very unique concepts in communicating the "why," getting our staff to provide mutual support and cross-check for one another, and how to measure our project's success. At the end of the hour, he conducted a "check-back" to make sure we understood everything. He even followed up by email to clarify a key concept. Our Patient Safety Program has definitely improved as a result of the coaching conversation with Steve. It was a privilege to participate in the call!"


    Proceed as if success is assured.


    I believe everyone is created in God's image and therefore has - with the right coaching, inspiration, and motivation - the ability to succeed, to achieve, and to do worthwhile work that makes a dent in the universe. Helping others become their best self is what makes me tick, and has defined my life's work.


    After graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy and earning my "wings of gold" as a Naval Aviator, becoming a jet aircraft flight instructor for the U.S. Navy awakened in me the joy and extreme satisfaction of helping others achieve their dreams.


    That inner fire to coach others to be their best only grew stronger as I served as the Training Officer in a fleet fighter squadron - preparing my fellow pilots to complete complex missions flown from the deck of an aircraft carrier. That coaching instinct was honed to perfection when I subsequently served as an instructor pilot at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). There, I had the great fortune to "train the trainer" and teach the Navy's best pilots how to harness their own coaching skills so they could serve as squadron training officers.


    Upon completion of my Navy service I became a pilot for FedEx and was soon training and coaching again. FedEx asked me to help design and deliver their very first Crew Resource Management (CRM) training program to improve the teamwork and communication skills of over 4000 pilots. This became the highest rated CRM training program in the U.S. and opened the door to other coaching and mentoring opportunities, including:

    • Creating and delivering the first leadership development course for new airline Captains
    • Producing the first CRM training course to use flight simulators
    • Redesigning and implementing the new pilot interviewing and selection process
    • Creating and teaching the first aviation fatigue countermeasures course
    • Revising the pilot training curriculum to include teamwork and communications skills
    • Becoming an FAA-certified flight instructor and examiner to train, mentor, and certify new B-727 captains and first officers 
    • Designing and implementing an award winning safety program for the MD-11

    This work helping others garnered seven awards for superior performance, flight safety, and Quality Achievement.


    While serving as a Captain for FedEx, I co-founded Crew Training International, Inc. (CTI). CTI grew to be the world's largest provider of teamwork and communications skills training for military flight squadrons. The coaching, training, and mentoring programs built in to our products helped produce the greatest improvement in aircraft safety in U.S. Air Force history. Thousands of military pilots around the world benefited from our training.


    In 2005 a new challenge beckoned and I became the founder, Chairman and CEO of LifeWings Partners LLC. LifeWings is a team of pilots, astronauts, physicians, nurses and Toyota-trained Lean experts that have helped over 200 health care organizations around the world to become high reliability organizations as they eliminate patient harm and drive out waste and inefficiency in their patient care processes.


    LifeWings has provided me the opportunity to train and coach over 20,000 administrators, physicians, nurses, and staff. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a healthcare institution achieve zero patient harm, create a great working environment, and improve patient care quality measures with the help of our coaching and training in:

    My fire and passion to see others become their best continues to burn bright. I share what I've learned about personal and organizational excellence around the world in conferences, workshops, presentations and group and one-on-one coaching sessions. I've authored, or co-authored, three books on patient safety, written hundreds of articles and newsletters, and designed over 40 separate training programs for commercial aviation, military flight squadrons, heavy construction, military contractors, and health care.


    It is more clear than ever to me now that if you want a better organization (or life, or marriage, or partnership, or team...) you must become a better you. Nothing is more satisfying to me than being part of making that happen for you.




    Curriculum Design

    Performance Coaching

    Culture Change



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    Founder & Chief Facilitator 

    2020 - Present


    Providing healthcare leaders intensive one-on-one and group coaching through Leadership Labs.

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    2016 - Present


    Ensuring that dentists provide, and patients receive, the safest, highest quality care.

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    2015 - 2019


    Providing health care leaders with digital tools to uncover and fix systemic issues in their hospitals and clinics.

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    Chairman and CEO 

    2005 – 2020


    Founder and CEO. Creating high performing hospitals that prevent patient harm and save lives.

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    FedEx Express


    1987 – 2019


    Delivering high-value goods on time and worldwide as a captain on the MD-11 aircraft.

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    Executive Vice President and Co-founder 

    1992 – 2004


    Helped create the world's largest teamwork and communication skills training company.

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    Naval Aviator 

    1977 – 1990


    Flight instructor, TOPGUN graduate, TOPGUN instructor, carrier fighter pilot, 300 carrier landings (100 at night), Operations officer, Training officer, flight lead.



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    B.S. Political Science 1973 - 1977


    Graduate of Distinction

    Activities: Chapel Choir, Class officer, Military leadership, Varsity NCAA Pistol Team



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    Phone: 901.413.8598

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    Greater Memphis Area